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Meaning Of Hardcore

I hate this because you can still be a hardcore anime fan but not have a ton of merch or go to events, maybe they just don't have the money to buy the expensive merch or the means to travel across the country to an event. You can love anime without having a literal shrine to it.


One of my favorite music quotes . You call it demonic because you hear screaming I call it live saving because I hear the meaning. In This moment , Maria Brink is a huge inspiration to me . and hardcore music in general has meaning to me and got me through all the hard times .


I'd say I'm hardcore, Godmother (I love answering questions, if it means meeting another fan), and a tiny bit All-Rounder (I have a handful of top fandoms, and then a little bit of everything else).


That's some hardcore head, shoulders, knees, and toes there Germany... <-- the commentator murmured, overwhelmed by the intensity of the action.

from Erica Delysia Peters

“Bullying builds character,” they said.

Have you ever watched ‘The Duff’? How about ‘Mean Girls’ or ‘Easy A’? Well, if you eliminate the attractive cast and add a strong dose of hardcore reality, you’ll get a taste of my high school care…

Dean's teary eyes. He's trying so hard to ignore the fact that the deal he made means Sam is gonna be alone. That's some hardcore denial right there.

from Yuri Elkaim

Homemade Bath Bombs

Looking for a way to relieve sore muscless after a trip to the gym or extra-hard workout? It\\\'s pretty normal to have a bit of stiffness after a new or hardcore bout of activity. But that doesn\\\'t mean you have to be stuck with soreness all weekend long. Rather than ...


I hate when people say that falling in reverse just isn't as good as the other bands like bvb, or ptv. I love both of those bands and falling in reverse and ya there not as hardcore anymore but there still amazing and inspirational

from MomJunction

77 Kickass Baby Names For Girls And Boys With Meanings

MomJunction brings to you its collection of crazy, and hardcore kickass baby names. But do be careful. Your kiddo might just have a great fan following!