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Do you ♥ red? What your favorite color reveals about your personality. #paint #colors #red color psychology

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There is only so far that true honesty gets you. The other part is in the receiver, If they don't trust you, your word, your everything that you believe in, means absolutely nothing.

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You ♥ yellow! With a perpetually positive outlook you inspire others. You have a knack for tuning out the noise, chaos and haters. People associate you with being Imagninative, happy, and an intellectual. #paint #color #yellow color psychology

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Social Anxiety ruined me in High school.... I never wanted to ask for help when I needed it...

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Oh my gosh... Imagine waking up to any of these... I'd never leave the bed, just stare at him... (I do that with my hubby sometimes. Man, I hate when he wakes up...)

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