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Meaning Of Idiot

Voting against their very own interests is the most insane part of all....I will never understand it.

Just because dumbasses deny reality, does not mean reality doesn't exist.

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This embarrassingly clueless quote. | 17 Times Feminists Completely Smashed The…

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An Idiot Abroad: the Bucket List - Karl Pilkington returns Jan 21st!!! Prepare for hilarity!

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This Trashy, Vulgar, Lying POS took a Big Dump on Our Country last year with the help of Ignorant, Racist, Unpatriotic Assholes!! This Nation has Never been this Torn, This Polarized, This Heartbroken and Mean in my lifetime and it's all because of this Worthless Human Being who appeals to The Worst of Americans.

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I'd watch the shit out of this

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Yet again me being honest, and saying what I feel or am going to do the right thing and not surprise...bit me in the ass....every time its only revenge thought of or "one upping"....thanks for continuing to prove who you really are...and that your words mean will soon be done and you wont be able to hurt me anymore

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The word Mamihlapinatapai (sometimes spelled mamihlapinatapei) is derived from the Yaghan language of Tierra del Fuego, listed in The Guinness Book of World Records as the “most succinct word”. It refers to “a look shared by two people, each wishing that the other will offer something that they both desire but are unwilling to suggest or offer themselves.” It is also cited in books and articles on game theory associated with the volunteer’s dilemma. #words #definition #wow #untranslatable

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I like this. I hope people aren't hating on him or her. It's literally his life we don't have a say in who he dates

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As tempting as it is to blame Trump;s election on Putin, credit must also be giving to millions of truly dumb Americans. - Andy Borowtiz

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