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Meaning Of Jayden

Symbolic meaning of the ladybug. Ladybugs are believed to be totems of good luck especially if one lands on you. They are symbols of protection because their signature red shells protect them from predators and shield their delicate wings from the elements. Some believe that the number of spots on a ladybugs' back correspond with the number of months that will pass before your wish for true love comes true.


I will always be there for you Jayden. Even if it means I have to boot you in the butt to get you to do it. How many times have you believed in me and given me courage? I do the same for you. Heavenly Father does it most of all. He knows you and He knows what you can become. With Him you are ever alone. I may be far from you some day but He will always be right by you every second of every minute of every day. Reach for Him.


birth shadow box - such a good idea! all those little pieces would otherwise be lost. Good idea :)


Shadow box with hospital keepsakes. I wanna do this so bad for my babies. Wha need more time in the day


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sliently suffering doesn't mean I'm a doormat. it means that I'm praying and waiting for God to either give me strength or show me the solution.