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Meaning Of Jayden

corybantic. Opposite of controlled and restrained. This word entered English in the named for an ancient Phrygian priest of Cybele.


Jeremy Lin is one of my top heroes. He is very talented in basketball, but he dedicates everything he has achieved to God. He has shown mean that anything is possible and that you can achieve your dreams. he has one of the greatest stories I've ever heard and read of.


this is hard to remember in the moment... that moment when they have stirred up your anxiety and fear and all you have is the flight or fight response...


Symbolic meaning of the ladybug. Ladybugs are believed to be totems of good luck especially if one lands on you. They are symbols of protection because their signature red shells protect them from predators and shield their delicate wings from the elements. Some believe that the number of spots on a ladybugs' back correspond with the number of months that will pass before your wish for true love comes true.