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Je suis le plus beau, tu n'y peut rien, alors quand tu m'arrivera à la cheville peut être que je t'autoriserai à me laver les pieds... ♥㊙


The Meaning Of Karma Within The Akashic Records | Within the Akashic records, karma is a reflection of a past or current life choice made, much like looking in a mirror. Find out the meaning of karma.


WATERTOWN, CT- FEBRUARY 29, 2009: The #Mala beads worn by Geshe Lozang Samdup who was born in Nubra Chakrasa, Ladakh in the north of India in the year 1962.


Angel Number 888, What Does It Mean?

Angel Number 888- Balance All Areas of Your Life!


If you hear yourself or someone you love say, "I'm stumbled....", this quote is an excellent reminder of the meaning behind the words Jehovah lovingly made sure were penned at Proverbs 24:16, "For the righteous one may fall seven times and he will get up again.." (NWT)


I Like It Natural And Perfect...Always In The Country !...


Here's something that has been crossing my mind since last night. Karma. It is real, and it always does its job! This is the reason why I sit back and watch karma play its role. So many people think they can go around hurting others, discriminating, hating, lying and spreading rumors but what they don't know is that the universe will eventually serve them a nice plate of karma. So remember to always do your part and keep your peace. This doesn't mean that you should stay quiet as someone…

Karma vs. Asano | I'm still sticking to the fan theory that they are somehow related. Asano's mom was never mentioned. And Karma's parents are practically unknown. For all we know, Asano's parents are divorced, and his mom could be Karma's mom. THEY COULD BE TWINS, but due to circumstances, they either don't know, or ignore each other. Well, part of it was my theory, but you know... We need Karma's background. We already know Nagisa's, Koro-sensei's, Irina-sensei and Isogai's... - DA