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Carbon is also known as Activated Charcoal, meaning it's been treated to increase its absorbent properties. Charcoal is found in many of your Perfectly Posh favorites such as The Stripper, Cackle Spackle, and Love the Dark. Shop them all here: #detox #charcoal #carbon #impurities #beauty #beautiful #fact #bblogger #beautyblogger #skin #face #body #summer #reboot #clean #fresh #thursday #shop

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English is an expansive language, anyone who has seen the size of an unabridged English dictionary can tell you that. It's also a language that's ever changing and evolving, so of course there are some words that fall out of favor and are hardly ever used, but maybe it's time to bring some of them back!

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Starfish totem meaning - connection between earth and cosmos. Discernment of light and dark energies. Showing up may symbolize a message to strengthen shields.

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Even though we had all the words, language wouldn't convey the range of hues of our feelings. Also, we can never be certain others will understand what we are trying to express, as we all give the same words very different meanings. Language is like a net: it imprisons us and is full of holes. However it's still the best way we have to communicate.

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Gorgeous True Meaning Boucle Tweed Blazer

Gorgeous True Meaning Boucle Tweed Blazer Can't go wrong with a timeless Channel look. This fitted beauty has a boucle fabric in shades of blues, creams and browns with light brown grosgrain ribbion embellishments and classic fringe. Fully lined with colors shifting from celery green to pink depending on how the light hits it. Sold at Nordstrom. Perfect EUC. No Mercari, PayPal or Trades 😊 Open to reasonable offers Nordstrom Jackets & Coats Blazers

All about the various accents of Sherlock! This is so interesting! Of course, living in America, I barely understand what this means, but I did learn a lot. There should be a 'British Accent for Dummies' book, just so Americans can figure it out.. Anyway, this is really cool and I'd recommend giving it a glance at least. :)

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