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Nemesis, Roman copy from circa 430 CE, at the National Archaeological Museum, Naples. A goddess of divine retribution, she is seen here claiming back her dues. Deeply dislikes absence of moderation. Zealous in re-establishing order and proportion. She is sometimes with or without wings and sometimes crowned with stags and Nikes; her symbols are: apple blossoms, reins, lashes, swords, scales, the rudder, and a wheel.


The Venus de Milo sculpture was carved by the Greek sculptor Alexandros. The statue adheres, intentionally or not, strictly to the Phi, Golden Ratio or Golden Proportion of 1.6180339887.

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How to Use the Golden Mean Ratio to Dress: So what is the rule of thirds? It’s the breaking up of the body into uneven proportions (in thirds). You can see the two outside pictures are in 1/3 to 2/3 ratios, the two middle pictures are splitting the body into halves and it doesn’t look as visually appealing.

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