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Students use context clues to infer the meaning of tricky vocabulary words. Perfect for teaching Tier 2 vocabulary words

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This foldable includes 15 sentences with words like shrewd, lark, and mirthful. It focuses on 5 types of clues: synonyms (restatement), antonyms (contrast), inference, example, and definition. $

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While some of these dream symbols are easy to figure out, others are interesting. Did you know a zoo in your dream symbolizes "confusion"?

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Language: In this image you can see all of the Farsi letters and all 4 of their forms.There are 32 letters in the Farsi alphabet, but unlike our alphabet each letter is written differently depending on where it is in a sentence.This means if you were to learn to write in Farsi, you would have to memorize 32 letters x 4 forms to know how to write Farsi and that would equal 128 different characters to memorize!

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SO, I am knee deep into grammar with my kids. This year we have learned about prepositions, prepositional phrases, and I think we even survived conjugating verbs. What this means is that I got creative and worked on some designs for the 4 sentence types. Maybe it will help a little or big person learn some grammar. You should be able to click on the pic and print as a 8×10. Print poster in full here.

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This free download includes a 20-question practice and 20-question assessment on Context Clues, complete with answer keys. Your students will have to read a sentence, figure out a word's meaning with the clues from the sentence, and then classify the type of context clue used as a synonym, antonym, example, or explanation.This is Level A = 4th-5th grade difficulty level.

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If you didn’t want me to talk about musicals for 5 hours then you shouldn’t have muttered that one sentence that vaguely sounds like a lyric from a musical really you brought this on yourself

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