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Meaning Of Wag

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I mean who am I to hold ya past against you?

"I mean who am I to hold ya past against you?" by shilohluvsu ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring MCM, A BATHING APE and adidas


DAISY DUKE - A1096451 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 11/15/16 **ON PUBLIC LIST** A volunteer writes: My knowledge of Dukes of Hazzard is thin but Google tells me our girls’ namesake is a “well-meaning though sometimes naive and often scantily-dressed, rogue Southern belle.” Well then! Well our 3 year-old Daisy Duke (just “Daisy” to me) is clearly a New Yorker, a city gal through and through. Though still quite young and endlessly s


Often dogs are trained to fight and attack. Pitbulls have a bad reputation rooted in bad human behavior; it's not the breed's fault. The behavior of a few Pitbulls doesn't mean that the breed is inherently vicious. Instead it means that their humans are assholes. I've personally met many Pitbulls who were just big mushpots of love.


If you have the power of turning all negative vibes in your path into positive energy, you have learned the meaning of life.


Dog: Beagles “The image of these cute Beagle puppies was taken during a photo shoot for the kennel "Keturi Varomi” (in English it means 4-wheel drive) in Lithuania.” Instagram / gkcphotos Technical specification Canon EOS 70D, EF50mm f/1.8 II, 50mm, ƒ/3.5,1/320s, ISO 1600


HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! "Swaggie"... OK Suga. I don't think you know what Swag means anymore....


I know the meaning of his snuffs, grunts & barks. Every twitch of his ears, a question or statement, every wag of his tail, an exclamation. He communicates better than some humans I know. #mybeast #germanshepherd