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How Acceptance Can Help You Manage Mental Health Stigma | Accepting your mental illness doesn't mean you're giving up on yourself. Learn what acceptance of mental illness means and how it can positively impact stigma.

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What does your colour choice say about your brand

off, Well designed!!! off, I need to create these for my personal use!!! THIS IS A Must whether it's to determine the color of one wall in a room or designing your entire busisness syrategy!!!! Also a great thing to look over before painting babys room

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ATTEMPT AT TRANSLATION: my silence does not mean i agree with you, your level of stupid (your stupidity?) left me without words (i'm taking spanish 3 next semester)

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Learn the meanings of the 3 main parts of your birth chart - your rising sign, sun sign, and moon sign. Each one reveals another layer of your whole self. Learn more about DIY holistic astrology at

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Discover the meanings of our new #palette that inspired our website design!

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the symbolic meaning of liturgical colors in the Catholic Church. Kids can make a bracelet here to remember

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What Does Color Mean To You

Colors have different meanings in different cultures. They are a powerful way to convey an idea or message and are oftentimes a global resource used to invoke thought and meaning. In the following infographic, colors around the world.

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