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Measuring Angles with a Protractor Puzzles 4.MD.6

Angle Measurement Puzzles are a valuable asset to any 4th grade classroom. This is a great resource for review, math centers, group work and for math interventions. For these puzzles, measure the angle with a protractor to find the degrees of the angle and then determine if it is an acute, right, obtuse or straight angle. Your students will love learning about measuring angles with a protractor!


This is a 24 card game of I have who has. Students us protractors to measure the angle on their card and then write that measurement down. Several ...


Triangle Measurement Interactive Notebook Page - showing proof that the interior angles of a triangle have a sum of 180 degrees. So much better than just telling students. Show the proof.


My students LOVED this lesson. Perspective is part magic and part math and for creative types like me, there are specific rules that really work. My students discovered these as we worked through the lesson. About half of my fifth grade class finished this lesson in three, 50-minute sessions. The other half need an additional 30 minutes to finish.


Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal Poster and Coloring Page

This year I am teaching a Study Skills class for the first time. All of my students in the class are sophomores, which means they are all taking Geometry. Recently, they're all learning about parallel line angle relationships and I have been finding that I really need a visual for them to reference. I had made a poster a while ago, but it was in color. We don't have a color printer and printing it out in black and white just wasn't the best. So I wanted to make a visual that could be printed…