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Meat Loaf Artist

All Coming Back to Me Now - feat. Meatloaf and Marion Raven. Costumed Ball in the Music Video (and an amazing score!)


Lebanese Meat Loaf

"My father is Lebanese. I remember the flat bread that his sister made, and grape leaves, and kibbeh—the foods we ate when we gathered as a family. Kibbeh was sort of a steak tartare. My dad ate it raw; no one else would. We flattened it in a pan and baked it like meat loaf," says fiber artist Dana Boussard of Arlee, Montana.


Meat Loaf was a big part of my rebellious music list and always loved how he could have such rocking songs like Dead Ringer for Love and then have such sweet love songs like I Would do Anything for Love. This was the first singer I asked my boyfriend did he like. The first band was Iron Maiden. And was smiling when he told me that he grew up with Meat Loafs music.


Title: Bat Out Of Hell III: The Monster is Loose [2006]. Band: Meat Loaf. Art design: Julie Bell.