If you’re interested in raising your own meat rabbits someday, this article will be a comprehensive place to start.

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What are we going to feed the meat rabbit / http://theelliotthomestead.com/2013/02/what-are-we-going-to-feed-the-meat-rabbits/

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This might work if you wanted something portable to put them directly on the areas you want fertilized. Definitely not good for permanent location, though. We'll stick with the rabbit house.

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Raising meat rabbits is easy with Survivalist 101's complete beginner's guide, covering breed selection, feeding, housing, and butchering.

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Breeding meat rabbits isn't hard; but there are a few general tips that give you success. Ultimately we want to strive healthy breeding stock that produce.

Any rabbit can be eaten, no matter how cute, hairy or small but some are a lot more practical for producing meat. Learn how to choose good breeding stock.

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