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Sunset waves by iCheshireCat. @go4fotos

Quick #MetabolicResistanceTrainingSession for #SaturdaySweatSession and it got Nasty quick.. 20 mins was all it took and YES there is always time if not.. MAKE TIME WORK :50 REST :30 1. TRX Multi Grip Row w/@fatgripz (every set of rows had to be different. Finished with Mechanical drop sets to really get a pump 2. Battling Ropes Alternating Waves (Chasing the unbroken 20 focus on quality and breath) 3. @Onnit Steel Mace Viking Rotational Lunge w/Upper Cut 6 reps each leg…

scienceisbeauty: “ Photograph of a quantum machine. The mechanical resonator which was placed in a superposition is situated in the bottom left of the chip. The smaller white rectangle is the coupling capacitor between the mechanical resonator and...


'Bird Wave' by Martin Smith, 2007. Description: 73 pairs of wings gently flap to create a rippling surface of aluminum. While calm on the surface, underneath gears, cams and rods rotate and slide in mechanical harmony.

#Mechanical waves and #Electromagnetic waves are the main 2 types of waves. Learn the #characteristics of electromagnetic waves with more details about them. →


The frequency, period, and angular frequency of a mass on a spring.


Wave Function | DavidYerle.


. . . quantum theory is, at present, the most basic way available in physics for understanding the fundamental and universal laws relating to matter and its movement.


Great info for my sound lesson ...