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Mechanistic Structure

Kevin Michel - "What believer of faith among us can claim to understand the exact mechanistic structure...". god, religion, faith, evolution, physics, creationism, quantum-mechanics


Mechanistic Organizational Structure

Though a new company’s small size may not require a strict organization of work and workers, growth demands order. Organizing tasks and employees produces a company structure. ...

from Patternbank

Michael Theodore - Field Theory

While scientists build mathematical models to better explain the mechanistic structure of the universe, musician and new media artist Michael Theodore builds models in software and hardware to better explore the perceptual sensations. Using various media, Theodore creates dynamic fields of color, light, and sound that are inspired by observation and experiences in the natural world.


S-shaped population growth. A logical deterministic individual-based cellular automata model of single species population dynamics. A classical model of the S-shaped population growth is the Verhulst model. Unfortunately, this model is completely non-mechanistic (black-box) as the internal structure of the complex system and mechanisms remain hidden. Here is a completely mechanistic ‘white-box’ model of the S-shaped population growth.


Structure of COX-2 inactivated by aspirin.Low-dose Aspirin Goes Beyond COX-1: Exciting New Mechanistic Insights Into Cancer Prevention