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The peak flow meter is a device that helps to control the asthma, reduce the number of exacerbations and safe life-threatening attacks.

from MIT Technology Review

How the GyroGlove Steadies Hands of Parkinson’s Patients

Hope in a Glove for Parkinson’s Patients: A wearable device promises to help steady hand tremors by using an old technology—gyroscopes.


Being pregnant can be overwhelming and even scary… but knowledge is power when it comes to taking care of baby! That’s the idea behind Thread, a smart system of devices that aim to connect and educate parents in the prenatal stages.Read Full Story at Yanko Design

27 - The future of stitches: 3D printed skin fusion concept could heal skins by 2030 | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News


he Ascom Myco is a purpose-built smartphone for health care, allowing caregivers to access the information they need at any given time. The top display provides notifications of alerts, which combined with colour, sound and vibration enables caregivers to instantly understand the situation. The ergonomic design of the smartphone is impact-resistant and easy to clean. The carrying clip evenly distributes the weight, thus providing a firm grip even on thin fabrics. Manufacturer…