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Learn to be a Medical Intuitive and Body Whisper. This 15 day Theta Healing course takes you through all the systems of the body.


The Blunt Talk Podcast mission is: "TO LIFT" with Good Inspirational News Only. We have all received the gift of lifting – being lifted by others as well as the potential to lift the world. We have an obligation to share our God-given gifts and talents instead of burying them alive. Blunt Talk Podcast guests share their professional journey and expert insights to help our listeners reach their full potential. Host Gino Arcaro leads them through real-life, "lifting", stor...

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How Emotions Affect Your Mind-Body-Soul Connection


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3 Simple Ways to Raise Your Frequency

Raising your frequency helps build momentum to move you forward towards your goals and ultimately, the life you desire. Not sure where to start? Here are 3 easy ways to get started.. intuition | inspirational quotes | happiness quotes | energy healing | reiki | law of attraction | holistic healing | angel numbers | chakra balancing | motivational quotes | reiki healing | raise vibrations | raise frequency