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Medieval Furniture

Emperor Chair. Constructed in solid oak. Hand made in the French 13th Century style. This chair features a horsehair padded leather seat in original hand tooled 17th Century leather showing the queues d'hermine.


Honor Before Victory - Living in the Current Middle Ages with the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) ~ By Gregor and Genoveva


The Blakar chair. Notice the lower part of the right hind leg is replaced. A 13th century chest chair.


15th century chair from Tirol, Austria. Beech with pine backrest. Backrest with openwork Gothic carving. Height 92 cm, width 59 cm, depth 42 cm. Burg Kreuzenstern, Vienna, Austria. Image from Mobel Europas 1: Romanik - Gotik by Windisch-Graetz