Making your own hose, as well as a TON of relevant info on hosen in costuming for late 16th century

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Wikipedia image Arctic_circle region medieval period warmer than modern. According to warmists The midieval warmer period either did not exist or was colder. Hmmmmmm I smell global warming fraud.

Medieval Summer Temperatures in Europe. Medieval summer temperatures shifted dramatically inside the last 2000 years. One important conclusion is that summers might occasionally be more anomalously warm in Europe in the medieval period than has hitherto been believed. The warmest centuries were the 1st century and the 10th century.

SkepticBlog is a collaboration among some of the most recognized names in promoting science, critical thinking, and skepticism including. Re...

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Northeastern Viking Dress.

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Skjoldehamn hood. 3 rectangles - A long one from shoulder to shoulder and a square in the front and back.

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14th century womens surcote pattern | Great pattern to create a circa 14th Century Sideless Surcote/Surcoat ...

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A Belgian psalter of the mid 1200's with an illumination of a man at dinner warming his feet. This image clearly depicts a "stirrup pant" strap on his hosen. This apparantly is to keep his hose from climbing up his shin and keep them tucked down in his high topped shoes.

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