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Vedic Meditation- Effortless Practice For Healthy Body and Mind #vedicmeditation #wellness #health #body #mind

Learning meditation is easier than you think! #meditation #wellness #health

Top Yoga Exercises For Men

March 13 NYC! A 90 minute class for women, girls and non-gender conforming folks (we encourage teens 16 and up) and all levels that will combine flow yoga, meditation, empowerment exercises, connection and maybe, just maybe, a dance party. This will be a class to remind you that you are enough and that you are a badass. It will be fun and empowering and you need no yoga experience: just be a human being. Let’s get into our bodies and move! Be warned: This will be more than just a basic…


What Happens When Mindfulness Enters Schools

How Mindfulness Could Help Teachers and Students -A five-minute walk from the rickety, raised track that carries the 5 train through the Bronx, the English teacher Argos Gonzalez balanced a rounded metal bowl on an outstretched palm. His class—a mix of black and Hispanic students in their late teens, most of whom live in one of the poorest districts in New York City—by now were used to the sight of this unusual object: a Tibetan meditation bell.


You’re invited to learn about the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique from your local certified TM teachers in Dallas/Ft Worth.


8 Things I Wish Everyone Would Stop Saying About Meditation


Top 12 Yoga Asanas To Reduce Belly Fat


A Healing Unicorn Latte, From Brooklyn of Course

In Williamsburg, a slowly growing new coffee shop now offers restorative tonics and elixirs.