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Mediterranean Rain Chains

This customer added a large urn with rocks to minimize the amount of runoff flowing out and corroding their ground. Smart solution and looks great too!


Looking for a cheap and easy way to build an attractive rain barrel? It's way easier than you think! Here are 3 affordable and attractive DIY rain barrel ideas to check out!


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rainbarrels can also be made from repurposed wine barrels, and the barrels can be “daisy-chained” together to store even more water. add a rainchain instead of a downspout and you have an amazing set up, like these neighbors down the street! #countryliving #dreamporch


Solar system. Dust, sand, heat and rain. Energy chain for multiaxial movements in photovoltaic plant. The market for photovoltaic plants is booming. Due to the guarantee of virtually unrestricted sunshine, their application especially in the Mediterranean countries pays off. In a patent-pending tracking system for medium to large solar power plants, a multidimensionally moving energy supply system safely guides the solar power lines.

from Martha Stewart

Vanilla or Chocolate Pudding