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Meet my online friends in person. Check; got to meet a bunch of friends from the server I play on Neverwinter Nights.

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Kids: Has your friend confided to you that they're going to meet an online pal in person? Have they ignored your warnings about the dangers of doing this? Please tell your friend's parents about what's happening ASAP! Its not really tattling, because you're saving your friend's life! #computersafety #internetsafety #kids

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This is so true I'm so thankful for all of my internet friends and internet best friends. I love you guys

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internet friend quotes - Google Search

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Fun stuff to do with someone you're dating or with friends

Fun stuff to do with someone you're dating or with friends

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This is me to everyone in the Yogscast! And someday I hope I can make people feel the same way!

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I honestly don't know what I'd do without my online friends. I have literally laughed and cried with them. I love them. Plain as day.

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@renaissancegirl ~ @lenniefreeman ~ @pasadenarn ~ @antzinmypantz ~@marymed ~ @kcanevari (and the rest Pinterest wouldn't let me tag). Wouldn't that be nice. ❤️

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Except, "Meet my online friends" as all my "online friends" I know in real life..

Except, "Meet my online friends" as all my "online friends" I know in real life..

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bucket list for girls HAVe friends from all around the world, i did this because i live in one country for like 2 years and then move to the next one, so this one was pretty easy for me xD - A

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Click this and Visit for more! #Quotes

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How Acceptance Can Help You Manage Mental Health Stigma | Accepting your mental illness doesn't mean you're giving up on yourself. Learn what acceptance of mental illness means and how it can positively impact stigma.

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He remembers the first time he saw me... I remember the first time he spoke to me... when it's meant to be, things just fall into place <3

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Meet and hug your internet friends

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best friends, best girl friend, best guy friend, long distance, friendship

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Bucket List except the last one:/

Bucket List except the last one:/

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May God bless the Irish and good luck to all those who aren't ;-)

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All My Friends Are Becoming Long-Distance Friends

57) almost all of my friends live somewhere else or don't go to school with me.

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I love all you guys

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Friendship Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

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meet an online friend || Bucket List 2017

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| Internet friends. forever && always. |

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Internet Friends Are The Bestest✌️ I will! I hope to all my lovely internet friends❤️ I was watching a video of tumblr best friends meeting and omg I cried. It was so cute. Lol love you all.

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