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How do you meet new people? A good way to start is by saying hello... Make it a New Year's resolution to start meeting people this year, by getting to know the people at your morning coffee place, that nice person you wait for the bus with, another diner in your lunch room at work, someone who sits behind you in a new class - the opportunities are endless. ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club

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You can meet somebody tomorrow who has better intentions for…

★Sad truth. People that previously you would have lived and died by their supposed Christianity show their true colors and remind you to be very careful who you trust. Everyone can put on act of holier than thou, but not everyone can always walk the walk.

A new you Narcissistic Abuse Recovery... You gotta move on for yourself. So glad some people are able to do that. Life is much better and family is closer now!

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31 lovely quotes about love

I also know that feeling of meeting someone new and immediately feeling like you know them. One of the best feelings ever, especially for people who are typically suspicious of everyone.