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ABC rehab Megabats Flying-fox Fruit Bat 29/12/2016 p2 more pics...

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Mauritian Megabat Flying-foxes Fruit bat Mauritius

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Grey- headed Flying-fox (Pteropus poliocephalus) One of the largest bats in Australia with wingspan of 100cm.

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Another long-term research project focuses on Old World Fruit Bats (Family Pteropodidae = Megachiroptera). Description from I searched for this on

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Original image of mother and kit, grey headed FLYING FOXES, taken by Dr. Joseph McGinn. PHOTO HOTSPOT TIP -- There’s a site in AUSTRALIA, right outside MELBOURNE, where you can walk right up and photograph an immense colony of flying foxes in the trees! So cool! Location and viewing tips at

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Big boy now. Happy to hang oo his own today. Rehab megabat flying fox black male baby. #batsrule #megabat #flyingfox #fruitbat #bat #babybat

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Buba Ganoush, baby Grey-headed Megabat, Flying-fox, Fruit bat, Australia Zoo

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Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox bat is a rare megabat. It has a 5.6 foot wingspan and is harmless to humans.

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"Baby bats whose colony has been destroyed by poisonous ticks are being raised in a sanctuary in northern Queensland."

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heart 8 She was found on the ground. Very dehydrated and 550g. Taken to the vets for a check. She has an injury on the left side, side of chest. Possible barbed wire puncture.

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One morning there was a dead bat in our pool. A few nights later my husband was netting the pool out while one was swooping down catching bugs. It hit the water and was unable to recover flight. Gary lifted it with the net and the second it was free of the water it took off. I guess that one warned the others because we've had no more bats in the pool. ~ Flying Fox | BATs - Mega and Micro

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Unlike Other Bats, Vampire Bats Keep Out Of Trouble By Running, Cornell Researchers Find - Megabats (Flying-Fox, Fruit bat) and Microbats

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Mauritian Megabat Flying-foxes Fruit bat Mauritius

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OOAK BABY BUMBLEBEE BAT - Megabats (Flying-Fox, Fruit bat) and Microbats

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