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NEW YORK CITY, NY - FEBRUARY 7: Melania Trump attends Michael Kors Fall 2007 Collection at The Tent on February 7, 2007 in New York City. (Photo by Matt Carasella/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images) via @AOL_Lifestyle Read more:

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A strong woman who loves her man. Beautiful Day awaits all Americans for we will have dignity, respect, loyalty, education, and proper blessings. GOD is GREAT! We all have our inner and outer beauties, we just have to harvest them. Accept who you are, and know you are a child of GOD, and your beauty will reign. Love yourself before you love anyone else. GOD is the creator, and You are beautiful in his image. Love will make you whole. Peace!!!

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These memes are the greatest. Beautiful, terrific memes. No one has seen better memes than these. That I can tell you. Believe me!: Melania Trump vs Michelle Obama

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The dirty media is reporting that Melania Trump lied about graduating college, but this graduation photo proves she did.

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Make America Hate Again - Donald J. "Billionaire Birther" Trump - #AmnestyDon, Amnesty Don, #DonaldJTrump, Donald Trump, #MorningJoe, #DonaldTrump, #Trump2016, #RNC, #GOP, #MelaniaTrump Melania Trump, #Hitler, #AltRight, Alt-Right, #RepublicanNationalConvention, RNC Racism, Conservative Biogtry, Tea Party Lies, Republican Ignorance, GOP Memes & 2016 Election Cartoons @MoneyTrain, FuTurXTV & Funk Gumbo Radio:…

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