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Breslow used a lot more now. Clark levels really only useful if you're dealing with a thin melanoma (if it's Clark 4 or 5, then it's still a bad prognosis).


Genetic Test Changes Game in Cancer Prognosis

Genetic Test Changes Game in Cancer Prognosis - (Ocular Melanoma)


May is Melanoma Awareness Month. Learn more about the risk factors, screening, staging & prognosis, and treatment.


Since my doctor found that my cancer has spread I thought I would pass this along again and urge you to check your moles monthly. It only takes 10 minutes and could save your life!!


Read about a study suggesting that nevus, or mole-associated melanomas, have a better prognosis than melanomas that aren't from moles.


Read about how levels of a protein called ATG5 were linked to melanoma…

Melanomas are grouped by the size of the tumor and how far it has spread. The depth of the melanoma is the most important factor that influences prognosis.