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#lovingthewholegroup for any member of any group no matter their popularity(individual or group members) just spread the love with a positive saying. and/or praise


Balmoral Castle. Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The Scottish Home of the Royal Family since 1848.


Slovakia. If you go in Bratislava, do not miss this blue church. It is a really fascinating church because of its color and style. Its looks like coming from a fairy tale and make of gingerbread. It not far from the pedestrian area in the center and worth the walk.


Official music video for Czech Cimbalom band HARAFICA ( Making the clip began with a creative assembly with guys from Harafica in their homeland near the city of Uherske Hradiste in the Czech Republic. With this idea came Zuzana Bahulova, executive producer of the project (film Node - Zlin) , who started everything and put us together. Involving members of the group directly in the production of the clip was pleasant variety, so I was able to draw inspiration directly…

*agressively happy screams at Mingyu and Jun's height* *agressivly ugly sobs at Vernon's height*