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Renaissance Gimmel Ring with Memento Mori Date: dated 1631 Culture: German Dimensions: Height 29.61 mm; exterior diam. 23.7 mm; bezel 14.25 x 12.18 mm.; Weight 13.75 grams

scribe4haxan: “ Memento Mori (Late 15th century engraving) - Master IAM of Zwolle ”

Dark Narcissus. Alchemy Gothic artwork Alabaster flesh becomes bleached bone in a haunting baroque memento mori, bearing the inscription "omnes una manet nox" - one night awaits us all

still life - Vanitas by Roman Reisinger

the cryptozoological scientific specimens of Alex CF!

Sal. van Rusting. Todten-Tanz. Neurnberg : Peter Conrad Monath, 1736. Page 0, Plate frontispiece. The king is dead; Long live the king