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City Silhouettes by Jasper JamesBrilliant

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Hong Kong 1950’s Memory Photography

.taken by the Chinese photographer Fan Ho in the 50′s." Source:

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A curated blog featuring art, photography, architecture, design, and animation from established and emerging artists around the world..

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Le hula hoop est un cerceau en que l'on fait tourner autour de la taille par un déhanchement rythmé. Une folie en 1958 et 1959. Qui est né près de ces dates ?

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Une corde à sauter et les filles s'amusaient des heures et des heures ! / Girls Jump Rope. / Zennor Road, Lambeth, London, England, Angleterre.

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I fill myself with love and send that out in the world. How others treat me is their path; how I react is mine. - Wayne Dyer

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Titus steals mirrors, takes them to his castle, and then breaks then when he can't stand looking at himself.

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