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    Walk Down Memory Lane with 80s Toys - 7 on a Shoestring OMG...T had one of these. I think I played with it more than she

    Being handed a freshly pressed assignment by your teacher from the Ditto machine: | 38 Things That Will Take '80s Kids Back To Their Elementary School Days

    Do You Remember These Things | Here is a collection of old time things YOU haven't thought about in ...

    Weebles, Sea Wees, Spirograph & other hot toys from the 70s & 80s - A walk down memory lane! So fun. (Plus a great giveaway!) #spon

    Do these Nik-L-Nips take anyone else back to their childhood?? has tons of nostalgic candies

    How can anyone in the 70's forget 8-Track tapes and the player in every dashboard of the It was worse when there was an 8-Track player in the house.

    50 Signs That You Grew Up In The 90's- ahhhhh....memory lane. Esp. love the Oregon Trail reference

    This is the way we dry our hair, dry our hair, dry our hair...Hairdrying '60s style - I remember sitting with the plastic bonnet on and you couldn't hear anything and. it. took. forever.

    Cracker Jacks --back when the prizes were really fun, and there were more than 3 peanuts in the box!

    Eating your vanilla ice cream with a wooden spoon: | 38 Things That Will Take '80s Kids Back To Their Elementary School Days

    This person who always enjoys a walk down memory lane. | 22 People Who Responded Perfectly To An Ex Text

    We Filled The Hours Playing Cats in the Cradle...Only The Amazing Memory of A Child Could Recall All of Those Fancy Maneuvers!

    I had one of these in the playpen or at least it was dang close to this one! How do I remember that?? Must have seen it in a photo

    One of my first memories -- getting one of these candy necklaces in my Christmas stocking on St. Nicholas Day!

    My parents traveled (to Charlottesville, I think) so I could play on one of these things.

    Classic Nintendo -- I still have all of whats in this pic. sad the gun doesn't work on the new flat screens. you need a CRT tv to make it work

    Village Lip Lickers LOVED this stuff when I was a kid! I always had it in every flavor!