Refuse to be silent - it's time to talk. Stigma is defined as "a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person." The stigma associated with mental illness is that it is difficult to know what to say. Practice. Yes, practice saying the truth to yourself & then it will come easier when the opportunity arises to share a bit of information about your mental illness

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People do not understand that mental illnesses, such as depression, are actual chemical imbalances in your body. They are not brought on by choice.

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This is a quick video of how stigma can be attached to many mental disorders. Stigma plays a role in your life without you to even realizing. In this video, it will help you understand what stigma is, how it may affect you and ways you can decrease it.

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They’ve put this poster up in my art school at university of East London and really happy about it. I’m so glad that they’re trying to raise awareness and get rid of the stigma about having and discussing mental health problems. Thank you.

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If the world were honest about mental health, we'd say that mental illness isn't the issue: our treatment of mental illness is.

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Depression is a Liar. 3 important must-knows if you or a loved one is dealing with depression. A glimpse at my experience and my husband's depression as a pastor.

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