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Mental Retardation Definition

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Special Education Articles and discussion of current issues in special education for parents, teachers and concerned professionals. Educational alternatives must focus on students with academic, behav

Hypophrenia /hy·po·phren·ic/ (hi″po-fren´ik) 1. (psychology) Mental retardation. 2. n. - feeble-mindedness. hypophrenic, adj. 3. weakness of mental facilities Oh... "Most people (especially on tumblr) may mistaken it for ‘a vague feeling of sadness seemingly without cause’ ( But it is not. If they mean Hypothymia (a state of diminished emotional response, as in depression; according to The Free Dictionary), it makes sense"


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Severe and Education of individuals With Multiple Disabilities - Definition and Types of Severe and Multiple Disabilities - Students, Mental, Retardation, and Services -


Social Security Administration Changes #Terminology: “Mental Retardation” to “#Intellectual #Disability” #Empower #Words

Defining what a cognitive disability is. Some cognitive disabilities are known as Autism, Down Syndrome, Asperger Syndrome and Mental Retardation.

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Social Security has a listing for Intellectual Disability – Listing 12.05 – which if met can qualify you for #SSDI and/or #SSI benefits. Some people may meet this listing while not necessarily fitting the societal definition of an intellectual disability.