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Direct mail- unsolicited advertising sent to a prospective customer through the mail. Known as direct marketing, highly focused, printed or electronic, newsletters, catalogs coupons, samplers, circulars, invitations, post cards, brochures, price lists, letters, etc.


The all-new GLC makes its mark with peerless technology, outstanding energy efficiency and a sensual design. And with 367-hp direct-injection biturbo V6 engine, it has the athleticism to take on the challenges of the road.


Mercedes-Benz C111-II experimental car (1970) with mid-mounted four-rotor direct fuel injected pistonless Wankel engine, multi-link rear suspension, fibreglass body shell and gullwing doors, attained a top speed of 300 km/h


The Mercedes-Benz CLA250 silky dual-clutch transmission goes from turbo kick to smooth in a matter of seconds. Feel the 7-speed power of a 208 horsepower direct injection turbo-4 engine. #MBPhotoCredit: Jerm Cohen


2005 Mercedes-Benz Direct Hybrid Concept - 2010 Hybrid Cars - - Inside line - edmunds. What's hot on brings you the latest car news road tests car reviews photos and videos from our expert team of automotive editors.. Mercedes-benz 111 : 1969 | cartype Mercedes-benz mercedes-benz amg aufrecht melcher grossaspach mercedes-benz amg black series special editions of special editions. mercedes-benz related emblems. Hybrid cars list | list hybrid cars | hybrid cars…

Introducing the Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 AMG the third vehicle to debut in the new AMG sports model line. With superior power and eye-catching characteristics this power SUV enters the AMG performance world with impressive agility and sportiness. The immediate and direct implementation of all driving commands combined with the powerful yet not overpowering sound of the sports exhaust system create a highly emotive and appealing driving feel. #MercedesAMG #Mercedes #AMG #MercedesBenz #Benz…


3L Inline-6 Direct Injection 1955 Mercedes Race Car Transporter