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Check out our 10 Facts About Mercury #Infographic! With #Mercury being the closest planet to the Sun, it’s very difficult to send spacecraft there to visit it, gather information and relay that back to us here on Earth. Nonetheless, we compiled all we know into this awesome infographic!

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Are you aware that out of all the heavy metals that are found in the environment, mercury is the most dangerous? Mercury can poison you in many ways – even through the fillings your dentist puts in your mouth.

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The 9 Planets Of The Solar System And Their Characteristics

The 9 Planets Of The Solar System And Their Characteristics ... planetorder └▶ └▶

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See Explanation. Clicking on the picture will download the highest resolution version available.

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Fun Planet Mercury Facts for Kids

Our Solar System to Scale

Our Solar System to Scale (I think this lesson could be easily modified for upper elementary science classes--and would make a great hook or culminating activity for a Solar System unit!)

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Planets For Kids Website - Solar System Facts and Astronomy. Free website full of videos, pictures, lessons, and more!

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Foldable explaining the order of the planets from the sun. My son is learning about the planets and having a quiz on it

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Every US space mission from Mercury to Apollo-Soyuz with astronauts color-coded by selection group.

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Healthy Schools Network, Inc. "1) child-safe standards for school design, construction, and siting; 2) child-safe policies for housekeeping and purchasing (targeting indoor air pollutants, mercury, pesticides and other toxics, and the use of safer substitutes); and 3) environmental public health services for children in harm's way." Also, EPA-award-winning Healthy Schools/Healthy Kids Clearinghouse©, offers dozens of fact sheets, guides, and peer-reviewed reports.

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How Much Would You Weigh on Other Planets?

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