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This is a monofin. Pretty sure I could SCUBA just as well with one of these as with my two ugly black fins. I NEED A MERMAID MONOFIN ASAP. (No, this is not a "want" it is a DEFINITIVE **NEED!**)


Greetings, wonderful followers and merpeople alike, we are happy to share this unique red beauty with you on this fine Tuesday afternoon! All mermaid tails made here in the Finfolk Productions studio are entirely custom in fit and color design. They are made from platinum cure skin safe and environmentally friendly silicones, carbon blade monofins, and are guaranteed to contain the highest quality construction and artistry available to the worldwide mermaid community. The baseline cost…


Mermaid Tail, Scales, Serena's Rainbow Reef, Fin Fun Tails, Comes with Monofin That Fits All Foot Sizes (Girls 08) Fin Fun


A Special FX company in Thailand created this tail for a Thai mini series. At the moment they are not selling tails to the general public and may never do so. I 'think' these tails do not have a monofin in the fluke. Unlike most silicone tails these tails are made with one giant mold instead of a several part mold. This means they do not have any seams down the side. A ton of detail is put into each tail.