Mesopotamia: Trade this is a great one for the kids This teacher has a bunch of short interesting video that show the ancient world

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In this fun and engaging activity, students use the Code of Hammurabi to render the verdict on six fictional court cases. Make it more fun by dressing up as a judge as you preside over the cases! Includes: *6 fictional court cases *excerpt of Hammurabi's Code *debriefing worksheet where students use Hammurabi's Code to determine and explain their verdicts

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Great Mesopotamia lesson through a beautiful PowerPoint on the civilizations that arose in the Fertile Crescent and Mesopotamia from Ancient Sumer through the rise of the Persian Empire. Begins with the geography of the Fertile Crescent and what made the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers so important, then highlights the important contributions of the Sumerians, Assyrians, and Babylonians.

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Reading and writing lessons perfect for a Mesopotamia unit. Lessons have students make inferences from Sumerian artifacts, compare the loaded language an Assyrian king and a U.S. president used in victory statements, and investigate whether the Hanging Gardens of Babylon existed using primary sources.

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Get information, lesson plans, printables, videos, and more for teaching your kids about ancient Mesopotamia.

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