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What Does it Mean to be a "Messianic" Jew? A Messianic Jew is a Jewish person who believes that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah. The term refers to one who respects the Torah and lovingly observes the traditions and customs G-d has given to our Jewish people. He or she is part of the Jewish community. The Messianic Jew is motivated by G-d's love and grace to live a lifestyle of observance of Shabbat, festivals, and fellowship as part of a Messianic Jewish Synagogue.


Torah Class is an independent, non-denominational organization of gentile Christians and Messianic Jews who meet to learn Torah and Old Testament (Tanach) from a Biblical and Messianic perspective


#wattpad #spiritual The prefix YAH is an abbreviation of Yahweh, the name of Elohim. The Bible makes great use of this short form. It is usually found, mostly, at the end of many names in the Bible: Nehemyah, Ahazyah, Adoniyah, Hizqiyah, Zekaryah, Hilqiyah, Nethanyah, etc. It is also at the beginning of a few names, t...

These are just a few of the fulfilled Messianic prophecies. There are 333 Messianic prophecies concerning Jesus' first coming, and He fulfilled all 333 of them.


Messianic Judaism - A Modern Movement with an Ancient Past - David H. Stern


C.S. Lewis and the Jews: Did you know the Jewish tie CS Lewis had through his wife Joy and the humility he expressed as a Gentile believer toward the Jewish people? May his compassion and humility be an example to us in the Messianic movement today.


One Torah for all. Given to His people, the Children of Israel, and expected to be observed by those who would join them. This law was instructions for having life, and never was intended to be "denominated". His commandments should reign over everyone.