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Metal Detector

1,000 year old Viking jewellery hoard found in Cumbria UK by a Mr Webster, find included jewellery and coins, get your metal detectors out!!

Homemade metal detector...who would've thought??

how to make a metal detector. AH HA! I saw this on Curious George and wondered if it worked!

An amateur metal detecting enthusiast has unearthed 10,000 Roman coins on his first ever treasure hunt. The silver and bronze ‘nummi’ coins, dating from between 240AD and 320AD, were discovered in a farmer’s field near Shrewsbury, in Shropshire, last month. Finder Nick Davies, 30, was on his first treasure hunt when he discovered the coins, mostly crammed inside a buried 70lb clay pot.

found / old objects turned art use the old crap i find on the homestead with my metal detector

Not long ago, I got into metal detecting when I received a Bounty Hunter QuickSilver as a gift. It was a low end metal detector, but I quickly...

  • Douglas Schneider

    Have the Garrett AT Pro also, with ALL the accommodations. Just applied for permit to legally scan all the beaches here in Hernando County, Florida. It's a new addiction I have been fascinated with this year!

Gift Ideas for Boys ~ This Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector gets lots of great reviews, and I’m all for anything that get the kids outside more often.

Where to Go Metal Detecting With Your New Metal Detector! - Tips & Field Guides

Large Silver alloy Carolingian Lidded Vessel-A haul of Viking treasure has been unearthed from a field in south west Scotland by an amateur using a metal detector. Derek McLennan, a retired businessman from Ayrshire, made the find in Dumfriesshire in September.In total, more than 100 items were recovered, including armbands, a cross and brooches. Experts have said the discovery is one of the most important Viking hoards ever found in Scotland.

Treasure hunter finds medieval diamond ring A medieval gold ring with a rare black diamond set inside it was found by a tresure hunter using a metal detector in a muddy field.

Metal detecting tool belt.

Metal Detector is a device to locate hidden metal parts, pipes and electrical conductors on land and under water, usually has a electronic circuit and a coil.

Any really good metal detector. I have wanted one for years! I think if you ask around they don't have to be super expensive. Ask Wayne or Sarah

I am not sure where This would be something you're want to wear, but I'd love to try explaining this after a metal detector.

  • Tammi Jackson

    If you cover the entire bra with the studs would make a cute bandeau for under tank.

That awkward moment: When you walk through the metal detectors at the airport, and your abs of steel set them off. robinaowens

Metal detector enthusiast Derek McLennan has helped to uncover a hoard of medieval and Viking treasures including this golden pin, which has lain buried for centuries in a Scottish churchyard

A metal detector enthusiast who found a 2.5cm gold brooch in a farmer's field. 14th century

Outdoor Date: Rent a metal detector and go on a treasure seeking adventure! The link takes you to a list of the best places for metal detecting.

Tips for using Metal Detectors to find old coins

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8 Step-by-Step Guides for Offbeat DIY Projects


Iron Age gold coin of Anarevito and Eppillus, Kent, England, about 10 BC - AD 20 Kent, England, about 10 BC - AD 20

Historical Metal Detector Discoveries - Metal Detector Finds at