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    Metal Detector

    Any really good metal detector. I have wanted one for years! I think if you ask around they don't have to be super expensive. Ask Wayne or Sarah

    how to make a metal detector. AH HA! I saw this on Curious George and wondered if it worked!

    Where to Go Metal Detecting With Your New Metal Detector! - Tips & Field Guides

    Beach metal detecting secrets - get out there for yourself as you never know when a gully will appear

    METEORITE HUNTING: General Information, Tips, Metal Detectors & Accessories Required

    metal detector images | Nokta Velox One Metal Detector For Sale - Kellyco Metal Detectors

    make your own metal cool!

    Metal Detector is a device to locate hidden metal parts, pipes and electrical conductors on land and under water, usually has a electronic circuit and a coil.

    10 000 Roman coins unearthed by amateur metal detector enthusiast... on his first ever treasure hunt.

    Metal Detecting Sand Scoop 1 Year Warranty Sand Sifter Metal Detector | eBay

    Advice from a professional on using metal detectors before digging

    The Piranha from Predatortools is very popular "digger" design for metal detector enthusiasts. (You find most of the time quite small objects, like bottlecaps, old bolts/nails, tins & coins etc.) Normal shovels/spades make big holes, so narrow blade is more useful. Serrated edges are for tree roots.

    homemade metal detector popmech easy

    ▶ AT Pro Metal Detector Tips - YouTube

    It's pretty big. Found in Australia 30 years ago by a man with a metal detector! by heroicnich, via Flickr

    Old Caches Of Gold CAN still be found Metal Detecting metal detector find caches of coinsTales from the piney woods east of Houston are s...

    1,000 year old Viking jewellery hoard found in Cumbria UK by a Mr Webster, find included jewellery and coins, get your metal detectors out!!

    Fisher Gold Bug II Metal Detector - AWESOME!

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    Wireless Metal Detector Headphones For Under $25 – (D.I.Y) This post will show you how to add Wireless Metal Detector Headphones to any metal detector. And to top it off you wont have to spend a lot of money

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    10 tips on correctly using your metal detector.

    Bounty Hunter Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector

    An amateur treasure hunter armed with a metal detector has found over 52,000 Roman coins worth $1 million

    Locate property lines using a metal detector. Doing this VERY soon!!!