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How to paint realistic metal foam armor blog tutorial

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Precious metal jewellery decorated with zentangle doodles formed by pressing designs onto scratch foam board.

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.soap bubbles magnified. Who could have thought to find such intricacy of colors inside your shower...worth the name of the best designers name "Gaia"

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Cosplay Automail Tutorial 2 by rockinrobin on deviantART
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This is what the Little Mermaid looked like when her body broke up into sea foam in the original Andersen fairy tale.

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Metal Foam Armor Turns Bullets Into Dust Upon Impact [VIDEO] : Science/Health : Headlines & Global News

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Enameling on Scratch-foam textured Metal Clay; this would work with resin and/or polymer clay also...

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Foam Cyborg Arm Tutorial by on @deviantART
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Silver metallic armor styled blue shoulder

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