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Metal roof, galvalume- roof color zinc grey or charcoal grey! Berridge-Cool-Roofing-Color-Chart

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Liquid EPDM Rubber Coating Liquid Rubber is the worlds only EPDM rubber in liquid form. Liquid Rubber provides a seamless, single coat, roof coating that can be applied up to 6 times thicker than your standard elastomeric. Liquid rubber is ideal for recoating EPDM roof membranes, troweled concrete, weathered metal roofing, foam, weathered siding and more! Liquid Rubber will withstand ponding water or immersion indefinitely and Liquid Rubber can be installed over lightly rusted surfaces…

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Reclaimed metal roofing corrugated panels rustic photography prop, mancave, ect

Reclaimed Metal Roofing Corrugated Panels Rustic Photography Prop Mancave Ect | eBay

Barn 2. Best design example of what we think might work want but doesn't show enough of porch. We like the cupolas, the trim, the timber and the Brown metal roof. Beams, white (want true white matching house). What if we had the Split stone high way up on the wall. We would like to price using split stone vs. Ga brick on lower half. Hardy board up to metal roof. Love detail. Combining Barn one with this one seems very close to what we want.

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How to Paint a Galvanized Corrugated Roofing Sheet

Galvanized metal roofs shed more easily than shingles or tiles, and this makes them useful in places where leaf, acorn and pine- and redwood-needle buildup is a problem. Metal roofs do not need much ...

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