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Top 10 Hair Metal/Pop Metal Songs of the '80s

List of 80s Rock Bands | 80s Pop Metal Songs - Top 10 Hair Metal/Pop Metal Songs of the '80s

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A Sexy Jazz Version of Dio’s Heavy Metal Song ‘Holy Diver’

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Banjo Guy Ollie Performs a Multitrack Cover of Metallica’s Heavy Metal Song ‘Enter Sandman’

The banjo is not tuned like a guitar. it's a 5 string Tenor banjo tuned in CGDAE and played like a mandolin, with a plectrum. It was made by Clareen Banjo in...

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10 Book Titles that Would Rock as Heavy Metal Songs

Coming up with the title to a work is hard (except for New York Post headline writers), which makes for a convenient loophole in copyright law: Titles can't