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Metamorphic Rock Formation

Disharmonic folds in gneiss. Gneiss is a common and widely distributed type of rock formed by high-grade regional metamorphic processes from pre-existing formations that were originally either igneous or sedimentary rocks.

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Devonian metamorphic rocks (garnet-bearing gneiss) exposed on the western side of Cabbage Island, Maine

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Use old crayons to make crayon rock cycle - sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks!

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Lewisian Gneiss Rock, Isle of Lewis -the Geology of the Outer Hebrides is important - as the predominant rock type is a Lewisian Gneiss - a metamorphic rock which is astonishingly up to 3 billion years old, making it the oldest rock in Britain - two thirds the age of the Earth.

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After we left here we travelled to the location of one of the most spectacular things I have seen in Oman. It is a piece of metamorphic rock that has been bent and folded in a number of different ways while being subducted on the ocean floor. However this subduction process stopped and the rock was brought to the surface and the formation is the red and white rock you can see in the picture. It is at least 3 metres high and really makes you stop and stare.

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Gneiss - Gneiss is a metamorphic rock form characterized by discontinuous, altering light and dark layers, banding caused by segregation of different types of rock, typically light and dark silicates.

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Gneiss is foliated metamorphic rock that has a banded appearance and is made up of granular mineral grains. It typically contains abundant quartz or feldspar minerals.

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