Meteor Garden- first version of BBF카지노싸이트카지노싸이트카지노싸이트카지노싸이트카지노싸이트카지노싸이트카지노싸이트

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Enjoying Meteor Garden. I love the Boy's over Flowers story. So far this version is my favorite. It could be because of Vanness Wu . . .

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Meteor Garden - Taiwanese version of Boys Before Flowers (Not sure why the two main guys are on the outside of the picture but okay...)

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Meteor Garden ~ You'll Be In My Heart. Meteor Garden was the first version of Hana Yori Dango I saw as a Drama, and its still my fav in many ways! Jerry Yan made a sweet Daomingsu/domyouji. I also like LeeMinHo as him too <3, but I didn't get into Matsumoto Jun's performance in this role...

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