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emiliano zapata, first guerrillero to popularize skinny jeans. Also the twenty gallon riding hat. John Wayne and Clint Eastwood got their looks from Mexicans, originators of the Western cowboy hat.

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Old School Cowboys Please visit our website @

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This cowboy fits the description (at least the top half!) given in an 1871 Kansas newspaper: “His dress consists of a flannel shirt with a handkerchief encircling his neck, butternut pants and a pair of long boots, in which are always the legs of his pants. His head is covered by a sombrero, which is a Mexican hat with a high crown and a brim of enormous dimensions.”

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Nice authentic Mexican Loop Holster, Cuffs and Chaps. These chaps are a dandy!

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The original cowboys were Mexican cattlemen, vaqueros. They are everything you imagine a cowboy to be. They came up with all of the cowboy lingo, including "bronco," "lariat," & "stampede." Vaqueros rode the long-haul cattle drives. Their sombreros were the precursor to cowboy hats. They wore chaps, held rodeos & lived the life of a cowboy for some 200 years. White settlers did the right thing, stealing the culture, including the title of "vaqueros," which was turned into "buckaroos."

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penny candy cowboy hats < I loved these and all flavors, except sometimes the green was mint or something did not like that.

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Wall of Sombreros! Create your own wall display with authentic Sombreros from La Fuente Imports:

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F this guy. He thinks he can walk around in a cowboy hat, bein cute as shit, and make me love him. He doesn't even need a cowboy hat. I mean what's he gonna do, round up some fleas? Lasso em in? This guy...

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(c. 1847) Portrait of Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson during the Mexican-American War believed to be taken in Mexico City

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