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Government: In the picture above there is a mexican flag. The colors on the flag mean different things. The green is for hope. The white is for purity. The red for blood. The red is also for the people who died fighting for mexico. There is an eagle has a snake in it’s mouth and in its right claw. The left claw represents a cactus in a lake. The flag has been used since 1986. The idea for the flag was in 1821.

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The Mexican Flag. From the beginning of Mexican history, the people living in the central parts of Mexico used different emblems to represent themselves and their neighbours. The Mexican flag experienced many changes until finally, in 1821, the Mexican flag was declared a unique national symbol by a Constitutional Congress. Its overall design was based on a decree that specified the Mexican flag size and colors, and established that the symbol on the center of the flag had to be an eagle.