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Korean war memorial photos | That marched up and down slate mountians to do the job they were asked ... 60 th Anniversary as so many remember today our Veterans with LOVE and RESPECT I am told my Uncles were gone for 2 yrs at a time thru this War fighting. Thank You to OUR Military!


September 16, 1810: Grito de Dolores (“Cry of Dolores”) Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Catholic priest, launches the Mexican War of Independence with the issuing of his Grito de Dolores, or “Cry of...


Mexico - War of Independence

Mexico – War of Independence is an interactive lesson plan that covers the fight of Miguel Hidalgo for independence of Mexico from Spain. He is followed in his fight by Jose Morelos and finally Agustin Iturbide, who finally wins freedom for the Mexican people.


Mexican War for Independence - Battle of Medina

Mexican War for Independence - Texas was once a part of Mexico and impacted by its history. How did the war for Mexican Independence from Spain impact Texas? In this lesson, students will learn about the Mexican Independence movement, Father Hidalgo, the expedition of Gutiérrez and Magee and the Battle of Medina.


To celebrate Mexican Independence Day we made this infographic about The Cry of Dolores, the event that kicked off the... Read More


8/24/1821 Spain accepts Mexican independence

Mexican War of Independence Part of the Spanish American wars of independence Collage Independencia.jpg Clockwise from top left: Miguel Hidalgo, José María Morelos, Embrace of Acatempan between Iturbide and Guerrero, Trigarante Army in Mexico City, Mural of independence by O'Gorman