hey guys i am michael clifford (famous)! i am 23 and looking for 1 or more foster children! i am single but really enjoy looking after kids and having fun! i can play instruments and i love having fun! i will spoil my kids and make sure they have the best

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"hello, im mr. clifford." i smile, "im 20 and single. i teach a couple art classes. im also known as the fun teacher i guess." i chuckle and shrugs, "dont be afraid to say hi."

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I want to wrap him in my arms and snuggle him and just smoosh his face together like a little kid would. Shit..... I have become THAT fangirl, the clingy one.. O.o

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Happy Birthday Michael love you (I know I'm a day late I got busy yesterday)

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So on my 5SOS station om pandora, American Idiot came on and I was like oh 5SOS did this love that version..I went to like it and it was green day singing it...it sounded just like 5SOS..so weird..they are defiantly punk rock

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