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For all the criticisms Mrs Reagan received during her life, I never doubted for one that she was divinely devoted to her husband, Ronald Reagan, the best President of the 20th century.


1976: (L to R) Patti Davis, Nancy Reagan, Ronald Reagan, Michael Reagan (adopted), Maureen Reagan (from his marriage to actress Jane Wyman), and Ron Reagan at the Reagan home in Pacific Palisades, California


Ralph Morales, left, and Michael Reagan, right, with John Nunn, a Navy Corpsman who tried to save Vincent Santaniello's life in 1968 (Courtesy of Michael Reagan)

Michael Reagan, It's all over. So why are people still arguing about something Donald Trump said three weeks ago? Why are protestors milling around the str

Ronald Reagan, Patti Davis, Nancy Reagan, Ron Reagan and Michael Reagan in front of their Christmas tree at the Reagans' home in Pacific Palisades, California. (1960)


Michael Reagan's drawing of the face that had haunted him for 46 years (Courtesy of Michael Reagan)

Michael Reagan, son of former Republican president Ronald Reagan, tweeted on Monday that he’s not a fan of Republican nominee Donald Trump and will not be voting for Trump in the California primary. He followed that tweet saying that this would most...