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Michelle Obama Childhood


Michelle Obama celebrates her 51st birthday this weekend, and she's showing no signs of slowing down. The quintessentially modern first lady has gone all in for the causes she cares about, including military families, childhood obesity, and college education for low-income Americans. Through her own life and decisions, she's set an example of what it means to be a determined professional, mother of two, and supportive wife in a love-filled marriage. Michelle's down-to-earth style and ...

MICHELLE OBAMA'S Middle East Speech: Compares Her Oppressive Childhood To Muslim Girls Living Under Sharia Law [VIDEO] »

Conservative media figures have spent the past four years attacking Michelle Obama's patriotism, lambasting her efforts to fight childhood obesity, shamelessly criticizing her appearance, and the list goes on. These baseless, nonsensical attacks have revealed the right-wing media's agenda for what it really is: To act as a smear machine bent on creating fear and painting the First Lady as somehow un-American. But we know better.


Michelle Obama is distributing a hip-hop album, complete with music videos, to fight obesity at schools across the country. Bet it goes like, "Get up and get your A@@ movin', , watch that @@@ over there doing the @@@, we be doing it now mother @@@. Yeah. Hip hop. The answer for America's children. (Heavy sarcasm.)