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michigan accent pronunciation guide: Ahhh, Michigan! Land of big waters. Place where you point to your palm to give directions. Home of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Meijer Thrifty Acres, and the Michigan Militia, as well as native musicians Eminem, Madonna, and the Romantics. Admidit: you've alwayz waanted to tock like yer from Michigin. Ev'ryone secritly does. The good neeuwz is that 't's easy an' fun... heere's how!

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When our lives were crumbling around us, our first instinct was to go Up North. It eases the soul.

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hahaha. I kinda do. I miss Michigan. (Even though I live a mile from the border and go into Michigan at least once a week)

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The Happiest I'll ever be is when Michigan is all I see! Shirts and hoodies at

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